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Doctor's Online

There are some online Doctors and Health Professionals on the internet that will respond to health and medical questions. These responses are meant to educate the questioner and the public and should not be considered a method of rendering personal medical care known as oline doctor's. Occassionally, a response might be answered directly by email, but usually the answers will be posted on a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or a bulletin board type forum. By archiving the questions and answers, everyone can search, view, and therefore, benefit from the information that is provided by the online doctor. The online doctor's are work freely not under any consideration of job or any clinical staff, online doctor's provide free solutions to people needs.

There are also a few live question and answer chat sessions. If you can't make the scheduled chat time, then at many of the sites you can post your question ahead of time and return later to view the transcripts of the chat and see if your question was answered. During the live discussion sessions, you will usually ask your question through a moderator and whether or not your question gets answered by the doctor or health expert depends on the number of participants and their questions.

Online Consultations

Online doctor from Doctor4care is a web-based consultation service that provides consumers and their physician's access to the knowledge base of specialists practicing, General Hospital and other Partner's affiliates without coming towards us.
Our online doctor's manages a division of Doctor4care, the services that they leads by use of technology to deliver quality care outside of the hospital or doctor's office.
To arrange an online consultation for your patient, please use our Online doctor services at our website or call us.

Please note:

  • Both doctor and patient must register to have access to the service
  • All communication takes place through the website only
  • Fees for services are not covered by insurance
  • Requires medical records to be submitted in English
  • Response time is approximately one week
Patients and laypersons seeking information by means of this collection of links are strongly advised  to review any answers received with their professional health care provider or online doctor. If the problem is acute, or if you suspect it might be serious, do not wait for an (uncertain) e-mail response but consult a real physician right away.
Docto4care offers consultations with your own private online doctor by e-mail or in person.
It takes just a few minutes to join, and then you are ready to consult as soon as your membership is approved. So for medical advice, diagnosis, referral or consultation from an online doctor, join us now.
Membership is £20 (approx. $35) and then we charge just £15 (approx. $25) after you are satisfied with each Consultation.

Online Doctor Consultation

Buy your prescription drugs online the easy way when you start with our online doctor consultation.

Online Doctor Prescriptions and Doctor Consultations

Doctor4care is a company that provides online doctor consultations so that patients can enjoy the ease and timesaving convenience of online prescriptions from our top-rated US-based referral pharmacies. We want you to be able to order pharmacy prescription drug services from the privacy of your home.

How to Order a Prescription Drug Online From Our Top-Rated US-Based Referral Pharmacies

our step-by-step process makes buying a prescription drug online easy. It begins with a doctor consultation, resulting in a thorough review of the patient's records. Our board certified physicians are licensed in the U.S. They are able to complete a patient treatment diagnosis after the consultation and can then write the appropriate prescription online. All prescriptions are then referred to a U.S. pharmacy that can ship your prescription medication the same day. Your FDA-approved medication gets to you safely in package that will arrive at your door in a way that is both confidential and safe.
You can even start ordering your prescription drugs online today! All you have to do is submit your registration so the process can begin. Doctor4care offers reliable, secure and confidential online doctor consultation services. Don't suffer from health issues such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Speak to a caring and compassionate doctor today. To learn more about the online pharmacy, our pharmacy prescription medications and how our online doctor services work take a brief idea.

Schedule a New Online Doctor Consultation

Patients must first register with Doctor4care easy and secure online doctor consultation program. After you complete the registration process, you will be prompted to send Doctor4care your records and ID. After they are approved, you will be prompted to schedule a consultation. New consultations are available same day and next day. Pharmacy prescription medications can be delivered next day by our referral pharmacies.

Schedule a Follow-Up Consultation

Current patients can simply schedule a consultation. Returning patients receive special pricing on their online doctor follow-up consultation. Remember you do not have to wait to schedule an online doctor consultation until your refills run out. Schedule your online doctor consultation early to avoid delivery delays of your pharmacy prescription medication.

Medication Refills

Questions on prescriptions, medication and orders are handled directly by our pharmacy or you may order to us.
Online Doctors like you co-produce pertinent targeted videos about procedures or conditions that interest prospective patients.
If you already have an online doctor at a Community Clinical Services practice, you've come to the right place to visit your provider's online doctor office.
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